VESS – the comprehensive colours of culture

AS I set out to meet with Mads Nilsson, one of the guys behind VESS, the wind is gushing through the street and the snow is covering the pavement as well as my boots. I’m thoroughly reminded that this is the cold north and we are in the middle of January. The cold environment however is a stark contrast to the passion of the guys behind the showroom VESS, that gives a scene for the many talented artists and designers that don’t have an already well-established brand and appeal.

VESS stands for VESterbro Showroom and is managed by a collective of nine guys, each bringing in a skill set but whether it be marketing, business, organisational or something completely different, the important factor for these guys is the involvement and energy that you’re able to bring to the mix that’s really important for the nine friends. What started out as a desire to convey the ideas, the arts and the designs of friends have now developed into a trendy place where numerous exhibitions have given young, artistic people the opportunity to be seen and heard. VESS boast that they can deliver a brand to their exhibitions that make the shows exude of the quality and distinctiveness behind the individual creators.