P. Hertz – Hand Crafted Jewelry

The intersection of Kronprinsensgade and Købmagergade is just a few short blocks from the Copenhagen residence of Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid, otherwise known as Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark. And located at that same, otherwise unassumingly modern urban corner, is the headquarters and workshop of P. Hertz, jeweler to the Danish Royal Court.

The oldest jewelry maker of its kind in Denmark, P. Hertz recently celebrated 180 years of creating handcrafted, wearable works of Danish design. Berit Hertz, the current leader of the firm, represents the sixth generation in the family business’ long and esteemed history. And, despite its nearly two centuries’ worth of design tradition, P. Hertz is not content to live in the past.

We recently met up with Liva Folkvardsen, a goldsmith and designer at P. Hertz, to talk about how a design shop steeped in so much tradition is injecting new life and innovation into their business and craftsmanship.