Northern Lights

Summer in the Cold North is a season awash in an abundance of light. But winters up here in Scandinavia, are another story entirely – a long, cold, and very dark kind of story. And so, in response to this seasonal reality, a tradition of innovative lighting design grew out of the Danish Modern design era (think Jo Hammerborg, Louis Poulsen, Arne Jacobsen, and Holger Strøm). Since that time, Danish lighting design has become known around the world for pushing the boundaries of what lamps, sconces, and chandeliers can be. The underlying design rule has become that, perhaps, there are no rules to limit how artificial light can or should be projected into the spaces we inhabit. And so, if lights are to be celebrated as more than just appliances for illuminating dark spaces, then perhaps modern lighting design is more akin to fine art than to electrical engineering.

One of the current leaders in the field of lighting design is Denmark’s Tom Rossau, a self-taught designer who, quite literally, self-started his first business in the basement of his parents’ house. Since 2006, when his elegantly twisting TR-7 pendant light won the ‘Audience Favorite Award’ at the Copenhagen Furniture Fair, Rossau’s vision, passion, and commitment to quality local craftsmanship have been in the vanguard of contemporary Danish design.