New in the webshop: Daniel Frost Prints

As some of you already know, our soft launch in London was accompanied by an exhibition by the illustrator Daniel Frost. The exhibition consisted of six unique prints exclusively made for COLD NORTH Magazine, focusing on one of the things we are best known for here in the North; furniture design.

Some of the most famous architects, shape makers and furniture designers all have one thing in common: they live(d) in the cold North. In usually superb quality, Mr. Daniel Frost delivered six unique prints, interpreting some of the most iconic furniture designs.

Printed on astonishing 350gsm Sommerset paper stock, each print is made in a limited run of 50, signed and approved by the artist.

We absolutely love the interpretation of Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair and Poul Kjærholm’s PK91 Stool. Which one is your favorite?

Go get your’s while stock lasts int the COLD NORTH STORE