Let your fingers do the surfing

Crowdfunding is arguably one of the hottest phenomenons you’ll stumble upon these days. The possibility of getting an idea and a project economically funded by so-called backers has really turned the usual process of traditional entrepreneurship upside down. Today, all you need is a great idea – and your project is now only a few clicks away from financial funding. A lot of digital platforms have surfaced with the sole purpose of presenting these ideas to an increasingly growing, hungry audience. The most familiar crowdfunding platform is probably Kickstarter. Known to have an impressively wide range of promising ideas just waiting to be realized, Kickstarter is one of the Majors in the crowdfunding business. Despite its relatively young age, Kickstarter has been distributing a lot of fantastic stories since its genesis in 2009. One of the many fantastic stories is the story of two Danish brothers, who wanted to bring surfing into the height of hands. May we introduce you to Finger Surfers. On a sunny Monday, we met with Toke and Regner Lotz for a chat about surfing, being a Kickstarter success and driving your parents crazy.