The Jaunt

As I travel north out of Copenhagen, up the eastern coast of Sjaelland, the sky is crystalline. The sea is perfectly still. Sailboats are gliding over the Oresund. And it’s one of those bright summer days in Denmark, few as they may be, that is truly brilliant. I’m on my way to meet Jeroen Smeets ‘on location’ at a classic Danish summer house to talk about his new crowd-funded artistic endeavor, ‘The Jaunt.’

A leader in the Dutch art scene, Smeets’ resume is impressive, having worked in The Netherlands as an art curator, art director, and graphic designer. And The Jaunt is just the next step in Smeets’ quest for creative expression and innovation. An initiative that temporarily relocates visual artists into new environments, The Jaunt is a way of placing artists outside of their comfort zone, often to places far from their home country. Since its inception in 2013, The Jaunt has sent artists to nearly a dozen locations, including Istanbul, Marrakech, Los Angeles, and Seoul, South Korea. The hope is, that, once relocated, ‘the artist will soak up all of the local impressions and inspirations’ and be inspired to make something new based on their surroundings. And so, when The Jaunt project brought artist David Shillinglaw to Denmark this past summer, we just had to see the creative process unfold in real time.