In 1847, visionary beer maker J.C. Jacobsen set out to revolutionize the Danish brewing industry. Contrasting the methods of his peers, Jacobsen’s approach to brewing was curious and experimental. He saw brewing beer as a craft to be perfected, not just a recipe to be repeated. Always open to new ideas, always seeking better, fresher ingredients, the brewer’s quest ultimately led him to found Carlsberg – one of the largest breweries in the world. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Almost two centuries later, J.C. Jacobsen’s passion for craft brewing is alive and well in the beer-loving state of Denmark. In 2005, as a way of honoring their founder’s forward-thinking spirit, Carlsberg launched a sub-label of smaller-batch craft beers, each with a distinct character. To learn more about how Jacobsen keep the craftsmanship in the modern ‘craft brewing process,’ we made our way to their Copenhagen-based brewery to meet brewmaster Michael Rahbek, to see for ourselves, and, of course, to enjoy a few cold pints.