Interview with illustrator Daniel Frost

Mr. Daniel Frost is a British illustrator living and working in London, and has kindly provided us with astonishing artwork for the very first issue of COLD NORTH. Born in Staffordshire in 1984, Mr. Frost packed his bags and moved to London to study at the Royal College of Art, where he graduated with a Masters in 2010. With a simplified approach to imagery, both in composition and colour, his work draws inspiration from the quirkyness of everyday life which he uses to create imaginary characters and universes. Solid craftsmanship is at the very heart of his work, and Mr. Frost uses traditional materials like watercolour paint, paper collage and pencil crayons to give his work that special touch of authenticity. Daniel Frost works between a mixture of delicate qualities in traditional mediums. Thus, his work ranges from 2D image-making to 3D objects in wood, which are all coherent with his unique ability to visualize his imagination. A winner of the Oberon Award for his illustrated version of Gulliver’s Travels in 2010, Daniel’s work has led him to exhibitions of his work in London, Copenhagen, Milan and Antwerp and has worked for a wide range of clients, including Nike, The New York Times, The Guardian, Norse Projects and now COLD NORTH. We recently e-met up with the London-based artist, for a chat about work processes, the idea behind the cover art for COLD NORTH and getting lost on the Internet.