Interview with artist Sergei Sviatchenko

Sergei Sviatchenko is the name of an Ukrainian born architect who turned out to be quite the versatile artist. Harnessing all the cultural tides he has experienced through his 40 years of image-making, Mr. Sviatchenko often express himself via photo collages. A discipline in which he is considered one of the most important living protagonists we have today. He spans through the known and the unimaginable, and his artwork cuts through the boundaries of traditional and contemporary visuals, and he elegantly merge pop culture with politics, personal memories, history, architecture and science with logic and dreams.

An unconditional love for spotting and enhancing details led Mr. Sviatchenko to the foundation of a visual style journal that simply turned mens fashion photography upside down; Close Up and Private.

With the establishment of this new, visual platform, Mr. Sviatchenko single handedly revolutionized menswear imagery by the means of his unique take on photography and composition. It is not just the hard crops, the keen eye for contrasts in styling, the lack of credits or the concern for branding. It is all of the factors above done seamlessly that creates a new artform which Sergei Sviatchenko defines as Modern Classicism.

After a long mail correspodence, and getting to know each other, we caught up with Mr. Sergei Sviatchenko for a conversation about staying current, modern classicism and uniting generations.