Inge Vincents

Inge Vincents is a ceramist located in Jægersborggade, Nørrebro,  Copenhagen. In her cosy workshop and boutique,  Ms. Vincents is working right on the very edge of what is functional ceramics, as her signature ceramics are extremely delicate and thin. Her fine line of ceramics is shaped by hand, making every piece of ceramic unique. You simply will not find two identical pieces. When you stand with a piece of ceramics by Ms. Vincents, you can easily sense the organic processes and practice of skilled craftsmanship that has been put into the making.

However, being a craftswoman to the very bone has not always been a part of her plan. She actually graduated from a business school, and never believed her interest and passion for ceramics would eventually turn into a way of living.

We have kindly asked Ms. Vincents to enlighten us with her story about her transformation from corporate business woman, to being a full time craftswoman.