A warm welcome to COLD NORTH Magazine

As the recovery of the global financial crisis slowly continues, experts continue to linger on the importance of manufacturing to growth both in output and employment.
However, manufacturing in the North is often regarded a dying breed, as manufacturing and production facilities are often being outsourced to the Far East. Instead, we are being told that we should focus more on becoming a strong knowledge society, and that focus should be in exporting knowledge in the future. But what is the point in exporting knowledge if local manufacturing and production is not present in a society? If we move knowledge too far away from the actual production, you simply can’t guarantee high quality in the outcome.
Quality in products is, and will always be a big deal to most people, but if we want quality to have a future in the products we consume, we need to understand and appreciate the actual making of these products. Everyone is focusing on quality these days. Or so they say, but what is quality really? Well, coming to think about it, quality has many faces. At COLD NORTH Magazine, we believe that quality is the result of hard work, deep passion and understanding. It is all about working with the right tools, follow the right work process and use and understand the right materials. In one word: craftsmanship.

Who are we to tell you what great craftsmanship is?

Well, we are simply a magazine seeking to spread the knowledge of creative and skillful people that each in their own way suggests a refreshingly new angle on art, design and craftsmanship. Twice a year we will champion craftsmanship, culture and quirky ideas through crisp photography, interviews, essays and various artworks paying homage
to noble arts of craftsmanship. Delivered is a printed magazine that collects, ideas, interviews and products from a vast growing community of artists, designers, writers, and other artisans residing in the COLD NORTH.